About Us



The School was founded by Rev Fr Stephen Ezenwagu, the Parish of Holy Trinity Parish, Iba Pope, Awada as a continuation of Sedes Sapientiae Nursery and Primary School. It took off officially on the 22nd day of September, 2014.  The Organogram of the school consists of the Principal, Mr. Fidelis Onyebuchi Egbejimba, the Academic Dean,  Mrs. Vivian Onyinye Onyemeforo.  And Other 13 Teaching Staff and 3 Non –Tutorial Staff, Made of bursar, the typist Secretary and the Security.

The School has various committees that oversee the affairs of the Students as follows:  The Religious /Moral, Social /Welfare, Sanitation, Academic Sports and Disciplinary Committees .See the committees Field For their names.

The School functionaries were constituted for the effective running of the School and to support the teachers and various committees already set in place. See the School functionaries for these prefects.

At present, there are three classes Namely JSS1, JSS2, and SS1. JSS1 has A-D, JSS2 has only A while SS1 has A and B. See the class list field for Student s: Names and classes.

As a motivation and an Incentive for healthy Academic competition amongst the Students, the Principal introduced a termly Prize of a bicycle to the best overall Student. In the first term, Miss Okoro Rosemary in SS1 Won the Prestigious prize with an average score of 86.76. In the second term, Miss Nwosu Ukamaka in JSS1 won the coveted bicycle with an average of 86.76. The third term is not yet determined.

In March, 2015, as a source of Income generation for the School, the Principal initiated a poultry project with 50 birds. The poultry farm serves both as a means of Income generation and practical purpose for the Students.

He also initiated a crop farm project for similar purpose both the poultry and crop garden are doing well.

The School had its inaugural PTA meeting on the 11th of February, 2015. PTD Executives were elected doing the meeting. See the field for PTA Executives and updates for the details. This was preceded by the Health seminar which took place on the 21st of January, 2015. On the 25th of February 2015, the School hosted a large number of Professionals who spoke to the Students on different careers in life.  The career day was attended by the parents and other members of the public. On 11th March, 2015,  the School had an OPEN DAY, in which Parents were invited to come to the School , from 9am to 3.30pm to in sped their Children’s books , assessments, teachers on – the- sport performance in class and the School  facilities. It was a huge success.